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Renowned Forts In Rajasthan

Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Mandore Fort, Taragarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kishangarh Fort.

Jaigarh Fort: The Jaigarh Fort or the Victory Fort is located on the top of the hill Cheer ka Teela (Hill of Eagles). It is about 15 kms from Jaipur city. It is connected to the Amber Fort through well guarded passage. This fort was built as a safeguard to Amber Fort and the Jaipur city. The architecture of the fort has some medieval features, it comprises of several granaries, palaces, towers, temples and cannon foundry. Once this fort was the main base of the artillery production of the Rajputs.


The huge canon named ‘Jaivan’ is the main attraction of Jaigarh Fort. It is also considered as the largest cannon on wheels in the world. Wide water channels are seen at the fort which is used for rainwater harvesting. There are three huge underwater tanks in the fort.

Apart from the cannon, the other main attraction of the fort is the museum which has a good collection of photographs, puppets, coins, buildings to explore. The armory section of the fort comprises different kinds of shields, swords, muskets, guns, 50kg cannon ball, etc.

Nahargarh Fort: Maharaja Raja Jai Singh built the Nahargarh Fort in 1734; it was built as a defense for Amer. It is located at the top of Aravalli hills, the literal meaning of the word Nahargarh is abode of tigers, hence it is also known as Tiger Fort. Sawai Ram Singh later added some additions to the fort. Though some of the old parts of the fort are in ruin, still it is a worth visiting site in Jaipur.


A legend is related to the fort. The legend says, Nahargarh Fort was named after the prince. The ghost of the prince haunted the construction site of the fort. Later the fort was named after the prince to soothe ghost of the fort.

The Mansagar Lake adds beauty to the entire ambience of the fort. The fort looks majestic when the light is lit in the evening. While touring Jaipur, one shouldn’t miss a visit to Nahargarh Fort to explore the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The location of the fort is breathtakingly beautiful.

Mandore Fort : Mandore Fort is 8 kms away from Jodhpur city. Once Mandore was the capital of the Marwar region. The Mandore Fort is a fine example of Rajput architecture. Though most of the parts are in ruin, still it is a worth viewing fort. The exterior walls of the temples had been adorned with transparent botanical devises, animals, birds and planets. The main walls of the fort are thick and have several layers.


Taragarh Fort: Taragarh Fort is located at Bundi near Kota city of Rajasthan. It is known as Star Fort, it was built in 1354 AD on a steep hill. The three gateways of the fort are Phuta darwaza, Lakshmi Pol and Gagudi ki phatak. The fort had water reservoirs built from solid rock base. The Garbha Gunjan is considered as the second largest water cannon of India. The Rani Mahal of the fort is a beautiful palace where the queen folks stayed.


Kumbhalgarh Fort: Kumbhalgarh Fort is about 64 kms from Udaipur, the lake city of Rajasthan. This fort is surrounded by the scenic backdrop of Aravalli hills. Maharana Kumbha built this fort in the 15th century and the fort is named after him. The fort is built at the topmost ridge about 1914 meters altitude. The walls of the Kumbhalgarh Fort are said as the second largest walls in the world after the Great Walls of China. The main properties of the fort are palaces, temples and gardens. It has seven massive gates and seven ramparts. There are about 360 temples inside the fort. The palace placed on the top, Badal Mahal or Palace of Cloud is the main attraction of the fort. The great warrior Maharana Pratap was born at this palace. Mewar rulers once took shelter at Kumbhalgarh Fort as a refugee.


Kishangarh Fort: Kishangarh Fort is about 27 kms from Ajmer city. Deep moat walls surround the fort. Maharaja Roop Singh Rathore built the fort in 1653. The main attractions of the fort are delicate carved interiors. Kishangarh is the place where the Bani Thani style of painting has originated and it is known worldwide as a famous miniature painting. The Phool Mahal of the fort has murals works.


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